Hangzhou, China |
June 17-21
, 2019

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Jade Emperor Hotel-Hangzhou(杭州玉皇山庄)

Jade Emperor Hotel is located in the West Lake Scenic Spot and surrounded by West Lake and Jade Emperor Hill from north to south, Phoenix Hill and Prince Bay Park through west to east. The top 10 views of the West lake are nearby as well, such as Spring Dawn at Su Causeway, Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor and so on. The Hubin Business District, Intime Department Store and Financial Center of Hangzhou are within 1.5 kilometers; Hangzhou East Railway Station is 10 kilometers away and Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is around 30 kilometers away. There are several bus stations within 5 minutes walk including No.Y2, Y3, Y9, 42 and No.12. Furthermore, the public bicycle rental is able to access conveniently.

Address:   74 Jade Emperor Hill Rd, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Tel: 400-875-7766



1.Hangzhou   Railway Station

Conference center   distance: 5km

Estimated taxi fare:   RMB 20 (one way);

Taking a taxi for about 20 minutes

4.Shanghai   Hongqiao Railway Station

Take the High-speed train to Hangzhou

East Railway Station (60   minutes);

Then refer to No.2

2.Hangzhou   East Railway Station

Conference center   distance: 13km

Estimated taxi fare:   RMB 50 (one way);

Taking a taxi for about 40 minutes

5.Shanghai   Hongqiao Airport

Take the Line 10 subway to Shanghai   

Hongqiao Railway Station (4 minutes);

Then refer to No.4

3.Hangzhou   Xiaoshan International Airport

Conference center   distance: 35km

Estimated taxi fare:   RMB 130 (one way);

Taking a taxi for about 60 minutes

6.Shanghai Pudong International   Airport

Take the Line 2   subway to Shanghai

Hongqiao Railway Station (100 minutes);

Then refer to No.4

Public Transportation

Bus: No.12 / 31

Station: the Silk   Museum Station

Conference center   distance: 930m, 5 minutes walk

Venue Map and HotelInformation                            Venue Map and Hotel Information

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Hotel Pictures

Hotel reservation

型展示/Room type display

房型/Room type
普通大床房/Standard Queen Room
400人民币/                            CNY400/Per Day
普通双床房/Standard Twin Room
400人民币/                            CNY400/Per Day
高级大床房/Superior Queen Room
500人民币/                            CNY500/Per Day
高级双床房/Superior Twin Room
500人民币/                            CNY500/Per Day
豪华大床房/Deluxe Queen Room
146美元(1000人民币)/         USD146(CN1000)/Per Day

参考图片/Reference picture:

1、普通大床房/Standard Queen Room                                              2、普通双床房/Standard Twin Room  高级大床房.jpg                      普通双床房.jpg

3、高级大床房/Superior Queen Room                                               4、高级双床房/Superior Twin Room

普通大床房.jpg                      高级双床房.jpg

5、豪华大床房/Deluxe Queen Room




      The number of discounted hotel rooms is limited, Please make reservations as soon as possible.


      The conference company will send a confirmation email after making reservation successfully. Please keep your reservation number.


      Please pay at the reception desk in the hotel. The payment includes two buffet breakfast (daily), wireless Internet,

      free parking and other services.


      Jun.16 (Registration), Jun.17-21(symposium & exhibition)


      Please notify the conference company if there is any change.

Our Hotel Reservation is handled by the conference company: Hangzhou Qizhen Convention and Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.





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